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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

War Addict

The United States is addicted to war always on the lookout to start a war or get involved in a war that's none of our business to be in. Whether arming gangs in poor communities here in the USA or around the World it's kill, burn, and destroy that's all America stands for since at least nineteen forty six. What a legacy to leave to the future.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Neanderthal Follies

With the new cave art find can a Neanderthal equivalent of the cave art found in the last century in France and Spain be that far behind. More egg in the face for the know it all anthropologist for since the first Neanderthal find in 1856 in Germany they have been put down as dolts and brutes and having faces that would make the Medusa win a beauty contest. When in truth there would be Neanderthal male and female who would not be rejected as sons and daughters in laws. And by the way they're still in our family and are not extinct just absorbed into our gene pool.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The US Space Progam Dog and Pony Show

I have read in Space.com at the end of 2011 that the contractor who was builder the replacement for the now retired Space Shuttle. The now cancelled X-33 had solved the problem of it's fuel tank constrution Congress in it's wisdom cancelled the X-33. Now they are crying that NASA must pay for seats on the Russian Soyoz. They have nobody to blame but themselves but they to blame President Obama for this situation. But they have only themselves for this decision of the USA lack of a man space transportation. And now they are crying that China has entered the man space with their own space station. Well since Congress has for decades nickel and dime this and other science programs their only idea is to feed the military and to make enemies around the world. So they can go on feeding the military and protecting the rich. If there no change I see no hope for the USA.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Republican Dream to turn the USA into the the Corrupt Societies they have surported

The new Republican governers seem to think that they are lord protectors who can rule by decree and strip duely elected public officals of towns and cities of their power and appoint their own vicroys to carry out their orders disspite the electorite wishs and to stay in power by whatever means possible wherther legal or not set up a one party state and raid the public treasurey for themselves and the business backers and enrich themselves and their backers at public expence this not democrary.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the removable from shotwave of rpfi

When  the second Bush was elected president some people from his circle went down to Costa Rica and throw Radio for Peace and Freedom International off the air this seems to have been done to silence any voice against the Republican up coming agenda making sure there was no voices of opposition to their new world order since this radio was located on the campus of a university connected to the United Nations they were taking no chances to the possiblity that this radio station although it was on shortwave they still considered a threat to their agenga other opposition voices were delt with by economic starvation to silence them we can now see the frightning future they have plan for those who don't share their vision a examble of it can seen in the country of Burma a nightmare that must be avoided at all cost to achive a humane world.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Nuclear Crisis in Japan

On top of the earthquake and tsunami the Japanese have a four nuclear reactors and cooling pools on the blink. They say this was not like Chernobyl but this might be worst because it is more suttle and as long lasting. Just because they did not have a explosion like in the Ukraine the place were it happen was a densely populated area and I have read Japan safety record to put it mildiy is not good to be frank it stinks at lest seven accidents between 1995 and 2007 in which both the government and the nuclear plants companies tryed to lie and play down the problems at their reactors and that several workers have died of radition poisoning. In light of these facts including one of the accidents was as bad as Chernobyl I think Japan should rethink it's reliance on noclear power and seriously think of other technologys for it's power needs. This should finally be seen as a wakeup call about the dangers of nuclear power use.