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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Republican Political Agenda

I just watch on Democracy Now the Republican agenda against the poor who they look down on beginning with women's abortion rights. They don't even care about the women's lives they don't even if they die due to not having access to propper health care. If you are poor or working class as far as they are concern you have no right to a living wage or legal regress if you have problems with your employer or are injured at your place of work,health care, discremation or your political rights. You are constdered slaves or subhuman trash to be discarded once you have out live your usefullness to your masters. All they think of is making obscene amounts of money and looking forward to Gotterdemoron in whitch all those they dispise die a horrible death and the dictatorship of their blood thirsty war god and the forfilment of their narssistic fantanies. Let hope they fail in their indevers for the well being and safety of the Earth.

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