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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Nuclear Crisis in Japan

On top of the earthquake and tsunami the Japanese have a four nuclear reactors and cooling pools on the blink. They say this was not like Chernobyl but this might be worst because it is more suttle and as long lasting. Just because they did not have a explosion like in the Ukraine the place were it happen was a densely populated area and I have read Japan safety record to put it mildiy is not good to be frank it stinks at lest seven accidents between 1995 and 2007 in which both the government and the nuclear plants companies tryed to lie and play down the problems at their reactors and that several workers have died of radition poisoning. In light of these facts including one of the accidents was as bad as Chernobyl I think Japan should rethink it's reliance on noclear power and seriously think of other technologys for it's power needs. This should finally be seen as a wakeup call about the dangers of nuclear power use.

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